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Extend Razor Life - Save Money on Razors
Razor Rack Preservation System with SolutionRazor Rack Preservation System with SolutionSave money on expensive razor refills!
Razor Rack Preservation Solution 4 oz.Razor Rack Preservation Solution 4 oz.Fight Razor Fatigue with a 4+ month supply - 4 FL OZ (112mL)
Razor Rack Preservation Solution 8 oz.Razor Rack Preservation Solution 8 oz.Fight Razor Fatigue with a 8 month supply - 8 FL OZ (224mL)

Razor Preservation Solutions

  • Enhanced to Stop Blade Oxidation
  • Non-Toxic & Safe
  • Easy Storage & Handling
  • Designed Prolonged Usage
  • Eco-friendly
  • Continuous Close Shaves
  • Razors Last 10X Longer
  • Perfect For Men & Women
  • Ideal For Most Razors
  • Minimize Nicks & Cuts
  • Stop Razor Burn & Irritation

We are committed to providing an innovative product that is not only economical and green, but also great for shaving. There is nothing like the Razor Rack on the market that will match its EFFICIENCY with the unique hydraulic water design. For decades, manufacturers of safety razors have known that razors get dull not from the hair or whiskers they cut, but from rust and corrosion caused by water. Razor manufacturing companies do not want YOU to lengthen the life of your razors, We Do! 


Razor Rack Preservation System with Solution

Razor Rack Preservation System with Solution
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Innovative new addition to anyone's shaving scheme. After every use, place your razor on the rack in the reservoir. The rack is specially designed to store your razor in a suspended solution of oils, allowing all the corrosive, oxidizing materials (water) to fall to the bottom. Save money by extending razor life, moisturize and optimize skin health and go green. PSA High Tensile Hook & Loop Fastener & 4 fl oz. of Razor Rack Preservation Solution included. Razor not included. Patent Pending. Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. Non-Toxic.

Visit our FAQ page for more information.

Features Benefits
Anti-Oxidation Solution Stops corrosion and rust on your razor blades.
Hydraulic Reservoir Design Efficiently uses all of solution
*Similar Products Require More $$ *No Batteries, Electricity, Expensive Monthly Refills
Skin Healthy Solution Vitamin E & Aloe Vera Oil moisturizes skin
Razors Last 10x Longer Save over $100 a YEAR!

Customer Reviews

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Super smooth skinI no longer have to put lotion on my face after I shave! I love it Written by Eddy t on Fri 21 Jan 2011 7:36:39 PM GMT
i live by thisThis is the ultimate skin care product, my face is silky smooth and a month later im still on the same razor Written by Jeffry on Fri 24 Dec 2010 6:42:06 PM GMT
works goodIt does what it says its going to do, the solution stays in my sink and hair sticks to it Written by jake on Thu 16 Dec 2010 12:05:34 AM GMT
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