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How the System works

The Razor Rack hydraulic system is a revolutionary product that will extend the life of your razor. 

The resevoir contains our ground breaking preservation oil. After you're done shaving, the oil removes hair and water to not only clean between your blade, but also helps free it from the grips of oxidation. As you use the razor and use the oil that is inside the blades the oil level will lower naturally. The hydraulic system works to your benefit. Simply pour water into the resevoir and watch the oil rise back to the top. A simple solution to stretching our preservation system to the fullest capacity.


Oxidation is the leading cause of blades growing dull after just a few shaves. As the blade oxidizes and begins to rust, the metal peels and becomes dull, sometimes even after a single shave. And as a result, this can make for an unsharp, and inconsistent surface for cutting hair. The inconsistencies in a peeling surface meant for cutting hair can often result in  razor burn as well as snagging and pulling out hair; rather than a clean shave. So naturally our product can save you not only money, but a lot less stress and less aftercare products to soothe the effects of razor burn and dull blades.

Give us a try, you won't be disapointed!


  • Anti-Oxidation Solution      

  • Hydraulic Reservoir Design

  • *Similar Products Require More $$

  • Skin Healthy Solution          

  • Razors Last 10x Longer                


  • Stops corrosion and rust on your 

  • razorblades.

  • Efficiently uses all of solution

  • *No Batteries, Electricity, Expensive Monthly Refills Vitamin E & Aloe Vera Oil moisturizes skin

  • Save over $100 a YEAR!

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